Stationery Island Chalk Pens & Review

On this page, we will review Stationery Island Chalk Pens. Dusty chalks are annoying which most of us use. These chalk pens are the ideal alternative to traditional chalk!

Stationery Island chalk pens consist of 8 colors. Purple, green, pale blue, white, yellow, pink, orange and red.

With Stationery Island chalk pens, you can create beautiful large designs and block letters. So you can have fun times. Write anywhere on windows, metal, ceramics and simply wipe clean in a jiffy with a wet cloth.

How to use the chalk pens? For your first use, shake the chalk pen firmly for 10 seconds. Press the nib repeatedly up and down for 15 seconds, keep pumping until ink has fully covered the nib.

Use Stationery Island chalk pencils on non-porous surfaces. Using liquid chalk on porous surfaces makes the liquid chalk pens harder to erase. Always check your surface is non-porous before using chalk markers.



Where can I buy it?

Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program
Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program

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