What should be considered in baby toys?

What should be considered in baby toys?

Toy selection requires great care. This care is doubled when it comes to babies. Because more careful choices should be made for children before the age of 3 years. First of all, attention should be paid to safety. Then it should move on to the education and entertainment part. Since this subject is very important, we address the question of “what should be considered in baby toys?” and answer it in points.We recommend that you look at the items before making your selections.

Safety Comes First

Babies put every object in their mouth. For this reason, safety should be considered first in baby toys. Toys that is security breach should be filtered and eliminated. To understand if toys are safe,

1- Should be pay attention to the age group indicated on it.
2- Should be make sure that it does not contain small parts.
3- Should be aware of whether the parts will come out or not.
4- Round and small objects such as marbles, tiny balls and such should never be purchased.
5- Should be make sure it is solid. Broken toy parts can cause serious harm to baby. It can endanger their health.
6- Rocking and riding toys should have safety precautions such as seat belts. Otherwise, baby may fall and be injured.
7- Furry toys should not be bought.
8- Should be pay attention to toys that smell plastic. They can be harmful to health.

Baby Sleep Program
Baby Sleep Program
It Is Important To Choose Toys According To Age

After taking safety precautions, it should be checked whether it is suitable for age when choosing toys for babies. Because, when toys are not chosen according to age, babies may suffer harm instead of benefiting from the toy. This may sound strange. However, a toy that does not adapt to a child’s development causes confusing the child. Even if they learn something, they may have learned it wrong. In addition, their self-confidence may decrease because they cannot play with toys.

Should Be Make Choices That Support Physical Development

If babies throw out their energy, their sleep will be regulated, their appetite will be opened and they will be happy. The baby, who cannot consume energy, has difficulty in sleeping. When forced to sleep, baby wakes up frequently and becomes moody during the day. For this reason, should be chosen toys that encourage babies to increase their mobility, such as an activity table.

It Should Positively Affect Social Development
What should be considered in baby toys?

In order to increase the communication skills of babies, we need to choose toys carefully. Among the toys that positively affect social development, there are toys such as dolls, balls, cars, blocks and house sets.

– Babies with good social development know the environment
– Has no difficulty in communicating
– They trust themselves
– Has an enterprising nature
– The probability of success increases.

It Is Important For Them To Be Educational For The Development Of Intelligence

As parents, we first consider the educational aspects when choosing toys. However, as we mentioned, the priority should be safety. After filtering out the safe toys, we can proceed with our selections. It should be noted toys that support the development of intelligence are selected in baby toys. Of course, the entertaining aspects should be open-ended. When fun and education come together, the benefit to be gained from the toy increases even more.


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