Toys That Develop Emotional Intelligence In Children

We do research to contribute to their development from the moment our babies are born. Just as their physical and mental development is important, we also need to give importance to their communication skills and emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to raise individuals who are self-confident, sociable and not afraid of innovation. We have difficulties in socializing with the advancement of technology. For this reason, tablets and phones do not fall from the hands of children. As a result, we can be foreigners living in the same house. In order to prevent this situation and to put limits on technological tools, we are discussing the issue of toys that develop emotional intelligence in children.

In order to emphasize and underline once again how effective learning with play is, we have listed the best toys that support strengthening social relationships for you. 



When we realize how successful people who are good at communication are in life, we better understand the importance of emotional intelligence. Because emotional intelligence is directly related to social relationships. We use tools and materials such as toys to support our children’s abilities and development. One of them is dolls.

Playing with dolls, children discover body anatomy. They put themselves in their mother’s place and empathize. Because the most played game with dolls is playing house. It is the most beautiful game in the world and it is a lot of fun. 

While playing house, children become social and their communication skills develop. If you want this communication to develop in the most effective way, you should play with your child. You should set an example for her/him and talk to her/him while playing games. Every child who sees herself/himself as an individual gains self-confidence.

Those who are passed off as children and do not listen to what they say grow up introverted. They think that if their family doesn’t listen to their own words, others won’t either. To prevent this from happening, you should play and communicate with her a lot. The benefits other than improving emotional intelligence are;

Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program
Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program


Plush toys instill a sense of confidence in children and make them not afraid of being alone. Some children have such as fears of loneliness, the dark, and being away from their mother. We can get support from toys to overcome these fears. We can use a sleeping companion or plush toy to give sleep training to children who are afraid of sleeping alone at night and want to sleep with their mother. 

Playing with the plush toy, children learn about emotions such as compassion and pity. It is also possible for them to learn many things apart from these feelings. You can play games with it for this. A few hours of games will be very effective for both an activity and an education. For example; tell your baby that the plush toy is sick, injured or upset and use gestures while doing so. Thus, your baby will understand what you mean by your facial expressions over time. This is a very effective game for teaching our children emotionality. We should point out that hiding emotions is wrong and crying is not bad. 



Puppets are very fun toys. Seeing them makes us happy. That’s why we should buy a puppet toy for our children. The most effective puppets for babies are finger puppets. By preparing small demonstrations with these toys, you encourage language development and positively support emotional intelligence.  

In order to attract attention with a puppet show, you should raise and lower your voice tone and emphasize your gestures and facial expressions.

Puppets have many benefits apart from being toys that develop emotional intelligence in children. These;

– It encourages daydreaming and role-playing.

– It positively supports language development.

– It supports the ability to speak and read aloud.

– Provides hand-eye coordination.

– It supports the development of motor skills.

– It helps them learn etiquette. (You can teach your child to thank, apologize, ask, and say please while performing.)


Baby Book

You can even support your baby and child’s development by reading, making them read and making them touch the book. By looking at images and examining facial expressions, children begin to learn about emotions.

Of course, the most effective gain from books is gained by reading. When you learn what a story book read at bedtime can bring to your child, we’re sure you’ll want to do it every night.



Children explore emotions through play sets that encourage role-playing. In a doctor game, pretending to be in pain, “Doctor lady! My ear hurts.” If you say, the fun and gain of the game will increase in an instant. The child turns towards the ear, examines the ear closely and explores it. Thus, he tries to empathize with a person who is suffering. The child wonders why the sufferer’s face is wrinkled.

Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program
Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program

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